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Vintage Clothing Grade


vintage clothing grades

How we grade your Vintage Fashion here at Vintage Flamingos

  • Mint: Garment is faultless, was worn seldom or not at all, and has not been altered to a second permanence.

  • Excellent: Garment has no obvious faults in appearance, and possibly was worn several times. Fibers may be weakened by time and/or conditions.

  • Good: Garment has minor stains and/or fabric tearing or abrasion which may be noticeable; or, fabric may be weak from time and/or conditions.

  • Fair: Garment has apparent stains and/or fabric wear; these problems are either irreparable or have been repaired, but are not perfect in appearance.

  • Poor: Garment has obvious permanent stains and/or fabric wear and is not repairable in its present state. These garments are sometimes useful for display, costume, or pattern copying.

We do not stock any vintage clothing that does not meet the above top 3 standards. You will not find anything of Fair to Poor quality on our site.